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Online Slots

Online casinos are primarily dominated by online slots, something that Las Atlantis Casino understands just too well. That explains why our casino has a wide range of real money slots that you can start playing today.

As exciting as slot games may be, it is best for the player to first understand what they entail and the different options available before trying them out. That is what this guide seeks to do. Keep reading to the end to learn more about online casino slots and how you can play them.

Difference Between Live and Online Slots

Many people often debate whether live slots are better than online slots, and vice versa. Land-based slots came first. That's not a secret. But the online world has also developed at such a rapid rate to create fast growth for Internet slots. So, how do the two compare?

The most significant advantage of a land-based casino is that they are physically present. You can drive from your home to the actual casino for a great night's game. The live slots let you press virtual buttons with your fingers or pull a handle. You may compare this experience to classic book lovers who prefer reading the hard copy books instead of its digital versions.

Live slots are synonymous with preserving the social element of slot games as they allow the player to interact with others in their preferred game. There is also a presenter alongside a Live Chat feature. The high level of interact-ability that live slots provide is one of the reasons for their increased popularity.

As you continue enjoying this slot, you also stand a chance to get a free spin. Typically, the presenter launches the bonus round by hitting a red button after a player has three scatters on the reel. You also get a predetermined multiplier when you win payouts courtesy of the wild symbol.

Your experience playing live slots largely depends on the casino chosen. You can expect to meet like-minded people for those in fancier places, smiles from friendly staff, and free drinks. The atmosphere created at the casino goes a long way in determining your experience.

As good as live slots may be, they have a setback, especially regarding convenience. You cannot just take out your laptop or smartphone and start playing from anywhere. To play these slots, you would have to go to the actual place from where they are played. In some cases, you may not have a physical casino nearby.

On the other hand, online slots are widely popular due to the convenience that they offer. You can play slots any time you feel like and from any location. Whenever you decide to play online slots for real money, no one cares whether it is daytime or night.

More importantly, you forget about making plans to go somewhere at specific times of the day or night. Concerns like where you will park your vehicle, what you will eat, or even directions to the casino do not trouble you. In other words, you will not have a hard time fitting online slots in your busy schedule. You can just take out your mobile phone while on a lunch break and begin gambling.

You have an abundance of RTG slots to play if you choose online gaming at Las Atlantis Casino. The varieties presented to you can never be found at the regular casino. With so many choices available, you also have the liberty to tweak your selection criteria around. For example, you may decide to base your decision on the visual appeal of a slot machine. Furthermore, you can choose a game by just looking at its theme.

Uniquely-designed modern online slot casinos go the extra mile to make them as social as possible. They leverage modern collaboration features like the instant messaging feature to make them as social as possible. Of course, the rewards are equally appealing when you get the required winning combination.

Types of Online Slots

Top casinos like Las Atlantis Casino give the player a chance to play various slots for real money and fun. Thanks to a wide range of games available, you can play slots of your choice.

The different types of slot games available include:

Three-Reel Slot Games

The first classic slot machines were simply made of three reels. These slots have continued to become a central part of the gambling world owing to their popularity among players. Most of the games you'll come across in the online world feature three reels.

Las Atlantis Casino has a wide range of three-reel slots by RTG, which you can get started with today. When you decide to play these real money online slots, you should expect minimal features and minimal paylines.

The most significant benefit of the three-reel slot game is its simplicity. You do not need any prior experience, while the bonus round takes a short time to be activated. Furthermore, you can expect to get started on these slots with a minimal budget. However, if you are a high roller, you will need to expand your wallet for the game.

Five-Reel Slot Games

Just as indicated by the name, the five-reel slots add two extra reels to the three-reels game. Additional rows are added to give the player more paylines. But even as you get more paylines to increase your chances of winning big, some players may feel that payout is too small.

Each five-reel slot game is unique. Some games may have high-paying symbols, while others may be low-paying. Other games have top-rewarding scatters and wilds. It all depends on how the provider decides to balance out the payouts of each slot.

More often than not, the five-reel game has a bonus feature in addition to a wild that can replace any other symbol apart from the scatter. You can also get a secondary bonus like instant win or free spin.

Six-Reel Slot Games

Whereas the three-reel and five-reel slots have increased in popularity, the addition of an extra column to create six-reel slots introduced more possibilities. You can play these types of online casino slots that provide a wider range of chances every time you hit the spin button.

Playing six-reel slots is not as easy as the other types of slots because you have to make a combination of six in a row. Despite the level of difficulty, the rewards are more lucrative, hence making it attractive to high rollers. Furthermore, you may get extra options for generating wins, such as additional paylines, rather than the other real money slot machines have.

Video Slot Games

Video slots allow you to enjoy lever-and-reel classics without facing the mechanical element in the traditional game. You can play video slots either as an online game or via a video screen.

The first video slots date back to the 1970s before the Internet became a household requirement. However, the rapid growth of the web and innovation has paved the way for playing video slots from the comfort of your mobile phone or laptop.

You can place some of the highest maximum bets on this type of real casino slots. Since it is synonymous with a higher number of paylines, you have an opportunity to wager as much as you can. That is enough to draw in more players, but when it incorporates an exciting theme, the game quickly becomes addictive

Progressive Slot Games

Under normal circumstances, each game you play has an associated jackpot. That is a feature that the developer adds to attract more players.

However, some slots may also incorporate a progressive jackpot, meaning the ultimate reward increases with every gaming moment.

Whenever you spin the reel, this type of game guarantees you that the jackpot has increased.

Some games may be interlinked such that it's not just the actions of one player that increases the progressive jackpot. That is, anybody across the world, playing from any device, can trigger the increase.

Top Slots Features

Online casino slots have made significant progress, mostly because of their features. From dazzling special effects to colorful animations and exciting themes, you can see why many become addicted to them. We can all agree that online slots have undergone tremendous improvement since they were first invented.

As you look forward to winning real money slots, you may want to have a look at the following features:

  1. Free Spins

    The free spins feature is one of the most popular amongst money slots. This feature allows the player an opportunity to increase their winnings without depositing more money.

    Each slot has a unique approach to free spins, as defined by the developer. However, they perform the same thing, that is, allow you a certain number of free games. The games can be predetermined or randomly occurring.

    The specific number of free spins awarded is 10, but this can be more or less. You can win real money while playing using this feature. After completing the round, you get back to the base game. All the wins recorded during the free spins are added to your bankroll at the end of the round.

  2. Bonus Games

    The majority of online slot machines have at least one bonus game that you should utilize. The bonus games are triggered in various ways and sometimes may happen without interaction from the player. In most slots, they occur out of pure luck.

    The bonus game's essence is to shift from mundane, repetitive gameplay and get you excited about the upcoming surprise. Whereas these make it possible to add to your payouts, they also give the player a reason to keep spinning when feeling bored.

    The bonus feature is crucial to modern-day online slots besides the spin and max bet options.

  3. Scatter Symbols

    Generally, the player registers a win when they get a particular combination of symbols on the payline. However, that is not the case when it comes to scattering.

    The scatter symbol is designed to occur anywhere on the payline and forms a winning combination even if it does not fall on the win line.

    As much as scatter symbols are popular among players, not all slots incorporate them. If the game has this symbol, you will see it displayed on the screen's right-hand side.

  4. Wild Symbols

    The wild symbol can replace all the other symbols on the reels, apart from the scatter, to form a winning combination. In some games with a bonus or free spin feature, the wild may not substitute them. The developer may choose to make the wild the highest paying symbol, while it may not carry individual value on its own in other cases.

    You do not have control over where and how the wilds occur. Instead, they occur randomly. In other games, there may be specific rules that can make the wild to appear. How the wild behaves mostly depends on what type of real slots you have chosen.

  5. Split Symbols

    The split symbol is designed to function as two separate symbols but land on the same reel space, allowing the player more chances to magnify their wins.

    The thing about this symbol is that it can occur as a regular icon or appear as scatters or wilds. The feature comes in handy when you want to earn big while limited on the available icons.

    Split symbols can easily give you double winnings when two or three of these occur on the payline. However, before you get all excited about the powers of this feature, make sure that you check what the paytable indicates.

  6. Floating Symbols

    The wild symbol can take various forms, including a floating symbol. The floating symbol randomly appears on one or more locations of the reel and attaches as the reel spins or when it is at rest.

    Some online slots may also have a special type of wild symbol which can convert the whole of a particular reel into a wild symbol when it occurs.

  7. Multipliers

    Multipliers are the ultimate temptation to play real money slot machines. That's because slots that carry this feature are known for their high payouts. If you are a high roller, one of your top considerations when choosing online slots is whether they have multipliers.

    Typically, most real money casino slots multipliers begin at 2x and go all the way to 100x or higher. Triggering a multiplier that increases your win 100 times is not easy, but the rewards can be massive when you do. For some slots, the only way to get the maximum payout is to trigger a multiplier.

    Some slots contain several multipliers. In this case, the gameplay is set on different levels that you have to go through before getting the highest multipliers. The player should consider several factors when playing such games, including game volatility and hit frequency.

  8. Retriggering/Respins

    Retriggering happens when you activate another round of free spin when still playing in a bonus mode. In most cases, that happens when you get the same set of symbols that initially brought you free spins.

    You get a new set of free spins during retriggering that can double your wins, depending on how the gameplay turns out.

    Some players often wonder whether they can retrigger indefinitely. Theoretically speaking, respinning may happen any number of times as long as you keep getting the same set of symbols. However, most game makers place a cap on the maximum number of times you can retrigger. The average gaming platform will allow you to do so five to ten times.

  9. Jackpots

    The jackpot represents the maximum win you can receive from a spin.

    There are numerous types of jackpots and what you get depends on the platform where you play. The most exciting is the progressive jackpot, which you can win in some games at Las Atlantis.

    Progressive jackpot, just like most types, can be won randomly after spinning the reel. What makes it unique is that it keeps on increasing every time it goes unclaimed. The longer it lasts, the higher the ultimate win.

    If you want to stand the possibility of winning a jackpot, you need first to ensure that the Vegas slots chosen have this option. That's because not all games have this feature.

    The easiest way to know whether the online slots that pay real money have a jackpot is to look for a jackpot counter on the user interface.

Popular RTG Slots

Realtime Gaming slots have taken the world by a storm mainly because of the creativity behind their design and themes. The software company gives you a chance to play slots and win money when you get the required symbol combination.

The following are some of the most popular real-time gaming slots in alphabetical order.

Aztec's Millions

The name Aztecs trigger thoughts of riches, jewelry, and gold. Thus, the initial idea that a player gets when they hear about Aztec's Millions is that gaming is a stepping stone to riches. Whereas you can earn decently from this slot, it is more than just making money.

Aztec's Millions is one of the most entertaining real money mobile slots by RTG. The five-reel, 25 paylines progressive slot game showcases the level of brilliance that the developer placed in its creation. It has a dark blue background that emphasizes symbols such as Idol, Jewelry, Aztec King, and others. On a lucky day, you can get the wild, scatter, free spins, and a multiplier to increase your winnings.

Cash Bandits

The five reels, 25 paylines slot game is created around the theme of law. It features entertaining graphics that provide an opportunity to win big. The gold-framed reels motivate you to spin as you imagine the winning chances provided.

Playing this game involves running away with your loot. But before you do so, you need first to set your betting range from $0.01 to $25. The Vault represents the wild while the Cops and Robbers Badge stands for the scatter.

Cleopatra's Gold

Cleopatra's Gold features 20 paylines and a random jackpot that will keep you playing for a long time. As one of the best online slots, you can play the RTG game for free and real money.

The slot has a minimal betting range, with a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum of $20.

Some exciting features to look out for include the Pyramid scatter, the jackpot, and Cleopatra multiplier wilds. The scatter activates a free spin feature when it occurs anywhere on the reels.

God of Wealth

God of Wealth is an assortment of lucrative features, including 25 paylines, five reels, and a jackpot that randomly occurs. The game depicts an outdoor scene and lets you experience nearby temples, tall green trees, and small body water.

The betting range starts from $0.01 to $25. You can adjust the bet amount at the start of the game or when the game progresses using the Bet button at the screen bottom. Click on the up and down arrows to adjust your bet accordingly.

Megasaur Slot

Megasaur slot is one of the top real cash slots from RTG at Las Atlantis that you will find worth playing. The slot game gives you a chance to win a progressive jackpot even as you benefit from an exciting wild, scatter, multiplier, bonus rounds, and a dinosaur theme.

How to Play Online Slots

There is something about online gambling slots that make you want to take out your mobile phone or laptop and start playing. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a novice, you can get started with any of the most common slot machine games at Las Atlantis if you know how to.

  • Step 1: Select the preferred slot machine

    There are dozens of free slots and real cash slots from RTG that you can start playing now. Your first step is to go through the many options available and make your preferred choice. If you like big wins, make sure that you choose a slot game with a high-rewarding jackpot.

  • Step 2: Evaluate the paytable

    You need to understand how the game's paytable is structured before you can start playing. Doing so reveals the value of each symbol and the implication of getting each.

  • Step 3: Decide on the bet amount

    You need the amount of money you wish to wager. If you want to go for the maximum bet, you can click on the "Max Bet" button strategically positioned on the screen.

  • Step 4: Spin the reels

    Once you have placed your bet amount, hit the Spin button to set out on an exciting journey determined by the game's theme.

  • Step 5: Check out your reward

    When the reel stops, the symbol combination that lands on it determines your reward and bonuses. You can continue with the subsequent gaming rounds. To avoid having to click the spin button each time, you may consider activating the autoplay mode.

Slot Machine Strategy: How to Win at Slots

You can play slots online for real money. However, you need to incorporate a couple of tips and tricks that increase your winning chances for you to get the ultimate reward. Here are some gaming strategies to use when playing online slots with real money.

  • Check the game developer

    Simple as this strategy may be, your ability to win a slot game may be hindered when you play a slot from an untrusted developer. A slot machine's quality tends to be on the high-end if it is from a trusted developer. Strive always to play Real Time Gaming slots at our casino because the developer has a good reputation throughout the industry.

  • Play worthy slots

    If you have been playing online slots for a long time without getting the desired wins, probably it's because they are not worth your time. Some have a higher RTP rating than others.

    Always research slots and choose those with high RTP for a higher chance of winning.

  • Bet enough amount to qualify for the progressive jackpot

    When it comes to the progressive jackpot, not just any bet can earn you the opportunity to smile at the bank. Instead, these jackpots often have a threshold wager that you must meet to qualify. Make sure that you know about it and bet accordingly.

  • Play within your budget

    There are some gaming sessions when you lose money playing slots, and there is nothing the player can do to stop that from happening. It is similar to the way in some rounds you win big. To avoid the frustrations associated with an unappealing gambling session, make sure you bet an amount that you can comfortably lose.

  • Start small and grow your wager

    An excellent strategy to win real money playing slots online is to assume that the initial games will result in a loss. With this assumption, you want to start betting small and grow your wager as the game gets more interesting.

Common Slots Game Myths and Misconceptions

The gambling world puzzles many, not just by the enormous rewards that they can potentially win but also by the industry's myths and misconceptions. At Las Atlantis Casino, we believe that ironing out these myths and misconceptions can help with the gaming world's overall growth.

  1. Slots pay more during certain times of the day.

    The fallacy holds that you should consider the time you play slots because it can impact the amounts won.

    A casino cannot change the probability of winning a game or the payout received based on the time of day. Such a possibility would water down the random nature of slot games.

  2. The house always wins.

    Some people believe that slots have been rigged against players and that the casino always wins.

    The assumption is false because no one would risk their money at a casino if they knew they did not have any chance of winning. The fact that online casinos and their land-based counterparts continue to register large numbers proves casinos' transparency.

  3. Players should gamble only on specific days.

    Some believe that the only way to win real money slots is to gamble on specific days of the week.

    You can indeed be lucky on some days to get some decent winnings. However, that does not mean these are the only days when you can make money playing online slots. Slot games are randomly occurring, and the casino does not decide what your lucky day will be.

  4. Repeatedly playing a particular slot boosts your odds.

    The fallacy here is that if you have been playing a particular slot game for a long time, you will improve your odds of winning it.

    That is incorrect because each spin in a slot machine has nothing to do with the previous or next spin. On the contrary, you can win in the first spin or any other gameplay. Do not just confine yourself to one slot game in the false hope of improving your odds.

Why Play Real Money Slots at Las Atlantis Casino?

  • Convenient and mobile-friendly

    Las Atlantis Casino provides you with great convenience whenever you want to play your online slots for real money. Given that our platform is mobile-friendly, you can access it via smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Forget about making long trips to the physical casino or struggling to resize the screen elements on poorly designed casinos. Our casino believes in creating for you a great gaming experience.

  • Wide range of deposit options

    We like to give the player the freedom to choose their preferred deposit method. That is why we support various deposit options, including Visa, MasterCard, Neosurf, Bitcoin. You can withdraw your wins using credit cards, Bitcoin, and Bank Wire.

  • Wide range of games to choose from

    As one of the best online casinos, the slot games you can play on our platform are endless. Go through our rich game listing to explore your preferred slot and get started now. You will notice that not only do we have a variety, but also we keep our gaming selection up-to-date on the latest top releases from RTG.

  • Top security features

    When gambling at Las Atlantis Casino, you do not have to worry about the security of your money. The platform follows the latest cybersecurity measures to keep its clients safe.

  • Rewards and bonuses

    You can find numerous online slots with sign up bonus on our casino to reward you for consistently choosing us. Besides, the games we list have several unique perks that you do not want to miss. Apart from the welcome bonus, Las Atlantis also offers the game of the month bonus and a special offer.


Can I win in online slots?

Contrary to some false beliefs that online slots are rigged in favor of the host casino, you can win the games on your lucky day. The rewards are randomly occurring, and the casino has no control over who wins and loses.

Can I play online slots for free?

Yes. Most slots allow the player an opportunity to get started using the demo option. With this, you do not place a bet with money to enjoy the slot game. However, you need to play online slots with real money for the utmost enjoyment and chance to get a reward.

Where can I play online slots?

You can start playing online slots today at Las Atlantis Casino. Here, you will find several top-ranked slot machines that provide the player with great features.

Conclusion – Play Online Slots for Real Money

Whereas you stand a chance to play most online slots for free, you get to enjoy the most when you have a wager. Betting with real money not only creates an opportunity to earn rewards but also puts you on the edge of your chair as you wait for the spinning reel to stop. The anxiety involved in the process is what makes every minute worth it.