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Terms: $14000 is a combined bonus for the 5 deposits of the maximum amount ($1000). The minimum deposit is $10 for Neosurf, $20 for BTC, $20 for LTC, $20 for ETH, $20 for Flexepin, $30 for Credit Card. The code is valid five times on the first 5 deposits upon sign up. The maximum bet allowed is $10, maximum payout x30 the deposit amount. The Wagering Requirements for the offer are 35x(Bonus+Deposit). The games included: Slots, Real-Series Video Slots, Keno, Scratch Cards, Board games.

Ethereum Casino

If you’re a fan of cryptocurrencies, you already know about Ethereum. If not, you’ll learn everything there’s to know about gambling with this virtual currency here. Today, finding an Ethereum online casino is relatively easy compared to some years back. 

Ethereum is a decentralized, blockchain-based computing platform. Millions of machines that people use to form a blockchain of digital transactions support this platform. Since all machines store the transactions at once, they are highly secure. Like Bitcoin, the Ethereum blockchain is a publicly visible ledger with details of all transactions people complete with this digital currency. 

People use Ethereum for digital payments, and it runs on a peer-to-peer network. Since its 2015 launch, Ethereum has grown in value and size across the world. This digital currency has several similarities with other cryptocurrencies. For instance, people can use this digital currency for online gambling. And the number of online casinos accepting Ethereum is increasing rapidly. 

Some online casinos even shun the fiat currency option as their payment method. Perhaps, that’s because Ethereum provides faster transactions for gamblers. Unlike Bitcoin transactions that could take more than 10 minutes, paying with Ethereum can be as fast as 15 seconds. 

What Is an Ethereum Casino? 

An Ethereum casino is an online gambling platform that allows customers to deposit funds into their accounts using this cryptocurrency. Ethereum is currently the second-largest virtual currency after Bitcoin. In addition to offering and accepting Ethereum as a payment method, this gambling platform builds the gaming experience for its players on the Ether blockchain. That means customers enjoy traditional games, benefits, and win probabilities while enjoying additional benefits of anonymity and fast transactions. 

What’s more, an Eth casino improves the gaming experience of its customers via a wide array of powerful features and games. For instance, the platform has potentially great Return to Player for most games. Although Ethereum is a community-built virtual currency, it functions as a full-fledged digital asset. That means this virtual currency’s architecture allows players to do more than play their favorite games. Additionally, Ethereum can decentralize a gambling platform, meaning a casino built on it can’t interfere with the outcomes of the games. 

With Ethereum growing in terms of market capitalization, the number of casinos that offer and accept it as a payment method is also increasing rapidly. These gambling sites include different casino games, like roulette, blackjack, and slots. Some of these platforms offer sports betting too. 

Nevertheless, the crypto industry is mainly under-regulated. That means the crypto casino space is also unregulated. Therefore, a player should be keen to select a safe and reliable platform when gambling with Ethereum. 

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Essentially, a casino that accepts Ethereum is like any other online gambling platform. The only difference is that it allows a player to play with Ethereum. Everything else is the same, meaning you can play the same casino games and stand equal winning chances. Additionally, you can deposit funds or withdraw your winnings using Ethereum. 

But this casino can support smart contracts. In most cases, you get this option when you play your favorite game after funding your account with Ethereum. Ideally, Ethereum is a crypto coin and a platform. That means an online casino that takes this cryptocurrency as a payment method can provide smart contracts too. 

These contracts are agreements that two parties enter. In this case, this contract is the agreement between the player and the casino. Using blockchain technology enables players to ensure that no part breaks the smart contract. And this makes them suitable for online casino players because they guarantee gamblers will get their winnings. 

Additionally, the casino can’t take back your Ethereum after releasing your winnings. That’s because an Ethereum transaction is irreversible. And details appear in a digital code of a smart contract, and nobody can annul or alter it. Additionally, smart contracts are available to the public. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Ethereum online gambling. 


  • Fast transactions: Every gambler loves the idea of winning their bet and receiving money instantly. Although some people gamble with Bitcoin because of its speedy transactions, Ethereum is faster than this digital currency. Both are decentralized currencies, but Ethereum is faster in completing transactions. Essentially, Ethereum transactions are instantaneous. But this doesn’t mean you will receive your money immediately after you withdraw it. Instead, the casino can take time to approve your withdrawal application. 
  • Privacy: Ethereum is among the best payment methods for players who want to hide their gambling identity. Essentially, you can maintain your anonymity when gambling at an online casino with Ethereum. That’s because this payment method does not require you to provide personal details whenever you sign up or fund your account. You only link your cryptocurrency wallet to the gambling sites of some casinos and start playing your favorite games. Thus, the primary purpose of gambling with cryptocurrencies is to ensure your anonymity. And Ethereum does a great job. 
  • Fees: With most casinos, an Ethereum user can register for free. The only time you load your account with funds is when ready to start playing. What’s more, some of these casinos don’t charge any fee when funding your account. That’s because they don’t involve intermediaries like banks to facilitate the transaction. Moreover, withdrawing your winnings will also not cost you a lot of money because you only pay for blockchain maintenance. 

You can quickly register with the best Ethereum casino to start playing your favorite games, provided you have a cryptocurrency wallet with funds. What’s more, some of these casinos offer free tokens that you can use to play free games before loading your account with some money. 


  • Fluctuation: Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile. That means you can lose your money quickly when you withdraw your winnings and convert them to a local currency. Essentially, you can receive a vast Ethereum payout only to lose a significant amount of it when converting it to local currencies. 
  • Availability: Ethereum is the second virtual currency in market capitalization. That means it can’t beat Bitcoin in terms of adoption. Therefore, even finding an exchange where you can purchase Ethereum using fiat money can be challenging. Additionally, you may not have a way to transfer Ethereum directly to your bank account. Thus, Ethereum availability and acceptability can hinder your ability to use it when gambling online. 

Like Bitcoin, no single authority can regulate Ethereum. And this could be its primary advantage but its disadvantage too because some people don’t know who they can complain to if they mysteriously lose their funds. 

Types of Ethereum Games 

Gamblers can play a wide range of Ethereum casino games today. Provided you select a good casino that supports this virtual currency, you can play the following online casino games. 

  • Ethereum Roulette: Ethereum roulette is among the games you can play at a casino that accepts this cryptocurrency. If this is your favorite casino game, start playing using Ethereum to enjoy the benefits of gambling with this virtual currency. 
  • Ethereum Slots: Slot machines are among the most popular casino games. And you can play Ethereum slots in different themes and gameplay features. What’s more, you can use bonuses to play these slots free of charge before loading your account with some funds. 
  • Ethereum Video Poker: If you love video poker, you can play this game using Ethereum. Gamblers play this game over a video stream with a live dealer. And this adds authenticity to this casino game. 
  • Ethereum Blackjack: You can play blackjack using Ethereum to fund your casino account. What’s more, you can use a bonus if you fund your account with this virtual currency to practice playing this game and increase your winning chances. 
  • Ethereum Baccarat: Start winning Ethereum playing your favorite casino game. If you love baccarat, you can play this game after funding your account with this virtual currency. What’s more, you can withdraw your winnings in Ethereum. 

Ethereum Casino Promotions 

Gambling at the best real money Ethereum casino gives you a chance to enjoy lucrative promotions. If you’re a seasoned gambler, you know that bonuses are undoubtedly the holy grail of online casinos. And casinos that accept Ethereum ensure that every customer enjoys the best free spins and other promotions. Here are offers you can get when gambling with Ethereum. 

  • Match bonus: This offer can double or triple your initial deposit. 
  • No deposit bonus: This promotion can be free betting cash with strings attached because you must meet specific requirements to withdraw your winnings. 
  • Free spins: A casino can give you free spins after depositing funds into your account. 
  • Welcome bonus: You can get an Ethereum deposit casino bonus upon registering as a reward for joining the gambling platform. 
  • Free Ethereum: Some casinos reward players with free Ethereum for being loyal customers. 
  • Game-Specific bonus: After depositing your initial amount, a casino can reward you for playing specific games using Ethereum as your payment method. 

The promotions you enjoy when gambling with Ethereum will largely depend on your preferred platform. 

How to Deposit with Ethereum at Las Atlantis Casino 

Las Atlantis is a great platform where you can gamble with Ethereum. To deposit with Ethereum at this casino, navigate to the cashier section. 

  • Select Ethereum as your deposit method. 
  • The casino will generate a wallet address. 
  • Head to your Ethereum wallet. 
  • Direct your Ethereum payment to the casino using the provided wallet address. 
  • Wait for about 15 seconds for the system to verify the transaction, and the funds will appear on your casino account. 

After depositing funds into your casino account, you can start playing your favorite games instantly. 


Can I find an Ethereum mobile casino online?  

Yes, you can find a mobile casino that allows you to gamble with Ethereum. Las Atlantis Casino is an example of such a platform. 

Are Ethereum casinos secure? 

Yes. Different casinos have varying security measures to ensure the safety of their players. However, check the license and safety guarantees of a casino before registering with it. 

Do Ethereum casinos have a minimum deposit?  

The minimum deposit isn’t a technical requirement for casinos that accept Ethereum. That’s because the Ethereum network allows players to make micropayments below 1c. However, some casinos set the limits. For example, at Las Atlantis, the minimum deposit via Ethereum is $10, while the maximum one is unlimited. 


Online gambling platforms that accept Ethereum and other virtual currencies are popular these days. If looking for a platform that allows you to play your favorite games and enjoy lucrative bonuses and winnings, try Las Atlantis Casino.