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Perfect Pairs by RealTime Gaming is a blackjack variation that uses 6 standard decks. The gameplay is the same as that of the basic blackjack. A player is allowed to double down after splitting aces when playing this blackjack variation. However, the gamer can’t get a blackjack after splitting the aces. Perfect pairs game also doesn’t have surrender options.

Specific Rules and Table Limit

The Perfect Pairs game is special because it allows a player to make a side bet once the pairs have turned up. A perfect pair refers to 2 identical cards in rank and suit, which pay 25:1. The colored pairs payout is 15:1 while the mixed pair pays 6:1. This game has a minimal house edge of 0.49%. This is the closest you can get to the even odds in any game.

The face value of cards two to ten is their point value. Face cards have 10 points. Aces have one point or 11 points depending on what makes the best hand. For instance, 10 plus an Ace equals 11 or 21 points.

How to Play Perfect Pairs

You can play the demo version of this game for free at an online casino. This is the best option when you want to play Perfect Pairs online for free or just for fun. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with this game before you start setting bets with your hard-earned money.

To play this game, select your betting spot and then click on the chips. This will show you that the table limits are between 1 and 250 so you can choose any amount in this range and place your bet. Select the betting spot for your Perfect Pairs and then click on the chips to set a bet. Once you have set your bet, click “Deal.”

Click “Insure” if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace and you want to purchase insurance. Click “Stand,” “Hit,” “Split,” or “Double.” Click “Hit” continuously until you double, stand, push, bust, or the dealer busts.

Remember that you’re only allowed to double in Blackjack. But, you’re allowed to split your first 2 cards dealt if their point value is the same. Splitting requires you to place another bet similar to the ante. That means you will have 2 hands. And, you can hit continuously for every hand unless you made the split for an Ace pair, in which case, you’re allowed to hit once for every hand.

How to Win Perfect Pairs

To win the side bet in Perfect pair, you should meet one of these requirements:

  • Have the first 2 cards as a mixed pair
  • Have the first 2 cards as a colored pair
  • Have the first 2 cards as a perfect pair

To win the main wager, meet one of these requirements:

  • Get a blackjack
  • Get a hand that’s closer to 21 points, more than the dealer’s hand, and not exceeding 21 points.
  • Have the hand of the dealer exceed 21 points and yours not exceeding 21 points.


Is there a Perfect Pairs casino where I can play this game for free?

Yes. You can find the demo version of this game at Las Atlantis Casino.

Why should I play Perfect Pairs and not other blackjack variants?

This game has top-notch graphics and gameplay. It also has face-paced and super smooth animations. And, the game is quite rewarding. You will have a lot of fun playing it for money or just relaxing.

Can I play Perfect Pairs on a mobile device?

Yes. Perfect Pairs is a mobile-friendly online casino game. That means you can play it on the go using your tablet or smartphone as long as it has a compatible operating system.


This review shows that Perfect Pairs is a great blackjack variant. However, the best way to determine if this is a perfect game for you is to try it out. Play it today to decide whether it’s ideal for you.

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