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Blackjack by Realtime Gaming proves the solid reputation of the provider in developing professional online games. The blackjack game lives up to the expectation of its slogan, that is, taking gaming seriously. Playing the game on a device with any screen size gives the player the impression that they are inside a physical Blackjack casino. That does not come as a shock, since RTG is labeled one of the leading developers of casino games online. Read this review to the end to learn more about Blackjack by Realtime Gaming.

Rules and Table Limit of Blackjack

Blackjack holds excellent appeal thanks to the simple rules, decent odds, and dynamic pace.

The game’s rules include:

  • The dealer has to hit 17 soft totals.
  • The game’s bet ranges from $1 to $250.
  • The bet placed impacts your payout.
  • The player has the liberty to double-down any two cards.
  • The player has the opportunity to double-down after splitting.
  • You have the chance to split pairs into three hands, excluding the aces.
  • You cannot double-down the aces after splitting.
  • The player is dealt with one card to split aces.

Blackjack Gameplay Features

You can play Blackjack online for free or real money, depending on your approach to the game. The free mode is available for demo purposes and familiarization with the game. However, to get more fun, you need to place a bet.

After the game loads, the player places a bet by choosing the preferred chip denomination. Your stake increases every time you click on the chip interface. For instance, when you click on $10 twice, your bet increases to $20. You can remove mistakenly placed bets by clicking on the Clear button.

The Deal button starts your first round of Blackjack game, during which you receive your starting hand. The dealer’s first card faces up while the other faces down. If you strongly feel that your hand can be made better, you may request more cards by clicking on the Hit button. A player who decides to stand believes their cards are acceptable as they are.

The dealer gets the opportunity to play after you have made your decision. They can draw more cards for a hand total below 17.

You get to register a win if the dealer’s total goes beyond 17 or if you have a blackjack against the dealer other than naturals.

Winning Blackjack

Blackjack setting is such that an Ace or a ten-value card has the highest payout of 3:2. Any other winning hand has even payout.

You can win Blackjack by practicing before the main game. As you play the demo option for fun, consider it as a way to practice. The more you learn about Blackjack, the more you increase your chances of winning by mastering the basics.


Who is the provider of Blackjack?

Blackjack at Las Atlantis Casino is provided by Realtime Gaming, a company with vast gaming experience.

Can I buy insurance in Blackjack?

Yes, you may accept insurance during the first round provided that the dealer has an Ace as their up-card.

Does Blackjack increase the chances of winning?

Blackjack insurance does not affect your chances of winning or losing the game in any way.

When can I split in Blackjack?

The player can split if they are dealt with two cards of equal denomination. Splitting divides the cards into two hands, allowing the dealer to draw a card on each hand.

Conclusion - Blackjack Gaming Made Simple

Blackjack is one of the simplest blackjack games you can ever play. Blackjack’s decent payout and user-friendly interface will get you playing for a long time. Take caution when clicking on the chips to avoid placing more than the desired bet amount.

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