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Banana Jones by RealTime Gaming is a great, unique, and exciting board game with excellent rewards powered by RealTime Gaming. Besides, Banana Jones has an entirely unusual structure and a demo version that you can easily find online. This way, you can play the Banana Jones online board game for free. However, you also have a better option to play Banana Jones for real money. This game presents a new adventure to explore. Read through this interesting Banana Jones board game review to get an insight into the game.

Theme and Structure of Banana Jones Game

This board game has an adventure-related theme. Its design is similar to the snake and ladder board game, while the audio effects and animation are also excellent. Banana Jones is the hero of the game. The main action takes place in a booby-trapped jungle. Your main goal is to navigate the game’s character through various obstacles. You will have to keep him safe from traps, pitfalls, and trials.

You will get to roll a pair of dice five times per bet. Each roll will either bring Banana Jones to his doom or bring him closer to victory. For example, if you land him on the head of a snake, he will move to the bottom of the board. If Banana Jones lands on the head of a vine, he moves upward towards the temple. Your ultimate goal is to reach the temple.

Gameplay Features

Banana Jones game is straightforward to understand and play. The attributes of the game below will assist you greatly:

  • Bet value range: $0.2 - $5
  • Maximum payout: 10,000 coins

Follow the steps below to play this board game:

  • Click on the dice button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Set your bet amount.
  • Roll the pair of dice. Banana Jones will move according to their outcome.

With the Crystal Banana Quest feature, you will have the chance to pick one chest from many ones. There are different symbols in each crate. Some of the icons include apples, pears, grapes, and bananas. The symbol you pick will increase your payout during the current round.

How to Win the Game

Large bets will always produce large payouts. So this tip is a big one you should keep in mind while playing this game.

The payout range for this game is summarized in the table below. In addition, a counter tracks the symbols and your payout in the Banana Jones game.

Symbol Five Four Three Two One
Purple Symbol 40x 4x 1x - -
Yellow Snake - 5x 5x 0.5x -
Green Plant - - 25x 1x -


What are the minimum and maximum steps that Banana Jones can move?

The pair of dice can combine to move Banana Jones up by 2 steps. The maximum is 12 steps.

How volatile is the Banana Jones board game?

The Banana Jones is highly volatile. With a few hits, a player can win massive payouts.

What will happen if I land on a vine two times in a single turn?

If this happens, you will win twice your payout.


Banana Jones is a real surprise from RealTime Gaming. It goes outside the umbrella of regular casino games. The rewards you can win from this board game are out of this world, while the high variance of this game affirms this fact.

This board game is also present on mobile. If you want to get a powerful experience, play Banana Jones at Las Atlantis Casino.

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