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High Limit Roulette

The high stakes roulette is an ultimate game for the high limit players who play with the chips possessing high values. However, the high stakes are only played by those who have thousands of dollars. This high table limit roulette is similar to the standard version of the roulette game, but the only difference is, the value of chips is quite high.

Here, high limit gamblers must take thousands of dollars in cash to the land-based casino, as they have to place the bets with higher amounts. However, the limit of these tables is almost $1000. The players have to double their bet to reach the higher gambling amount. The interesting thing about the high roulette bets is that the player has complete control over this table game and can choose the color and time allotted to spin the wheel.

The great thing for the high limit roulette players is they can now bet on the game from their home's comfort. You can play roulette at any of the reputed casinos like Las Atlantis Casino. It provides the most exciting playing experience, along with a great welcome bonus to the players. Moreover, you can play the roulette game on your PC or tablet too anytime and from anywhere.

But, there are many reasons too that make the players choose these high limit roulette games. Let us now take a sneak peek into the most significant reasons.

Top Reasons for Playing with Higher Limits

A player can choose to play high deposit roulette because of many reasons. But, the foremost factor is a thrill that let the gamblers choose this game. There are many other factors like betting limits, types, variants, and the high limit stake. Let us now see a few more reasons why a few punters opt for high limit roulette.

A Thrilling Game

Roulette is a game full of thrilling experience because you know that the winning fate depends on the white ball's spin. The players who want to play the high limit roulette game need to see the bets like red/black or the odd/even bets. The high stakes online roulette games are chosen by the players because of the simplicity of this game. Here, the croupier will spin the wheel and place the chips on a table game or virtually. In the high limit roulette game, the players’ bankroll will be diminishing at a fast rate, which means they will come to know about their fate in advance. 

Moreover, the long-term odds of high limit stakes are also unpredictable as players can win even on the odd/even or red/black betting in the game. The thrill in the game gets more when the players receive double the payout, but it solely depends on the type of roulette game you are playing.

High Limit Roulette is Exciting

Roulette is said to be the game of chance as no one knows which number the ball will land while spinning the wheel. Sometimes, luck makes winning possible in the no limit roulette game. This game is different from Blackjack or Craps, but the excitement and tension prevail simultaneously. But, a few veteran players believe that strategy does work for the roulette game.

Moreover, the high limit roulette game is preferred because it involves danger or excitement, but if you wager on the higher wheels, winning millions of dollars also increases manifold. You must play the high limit roulette bets at the best high limit roulette casino like the Las Atlantis Casino. You can expect a great winning amount too.

Freely Wager the Roulette Amount 

A few players like to place high bets at roulette, but for that, you need to possess the ‘nerves of steel.’ Many players can wager on the high table limits of up to $500,000. Only reputed and famous casinos organize the high limit roulette games. These bigger casinos offer bigger deposits and withdrawal features, flexible limits, a dedicated personal account manager, etc. A few casinos offer American, French, and European Roulette games under the VIP high limit roulette games.

The punters interested in enjoying maximum wins need to know the meaning of different table limits. So, you need to be abreast of the meaning of all these table limits. 

Insight into Maximum Wins and Different Meaning of Table Limits

The maximum cash you can win in the roulette game is $500,000, which may even go up in the online casino. The biggest ever payouts that the players have won through the house edge in the Roulette game in the past are almost $2,000,000 and a massive amount of $1,300,000. American and French Roulettes, European Roulette offers 5.63% v/s 2.7% of the house edge. To win higher amounts in this game, the players need to have a high stakes roulette strategy to become a great risk-taker.

Apart from this, you need to acknowledge the meaning of different table limits too. Let us take a sneak peek into them:

  • VIP Limit: The limit on this table starts at $25 and goes up to $90,000. The high limit table will start at $10 and will go up to $600.
  • Low and Standard Limits: The low limit roulette table starts at $0.10 and will go until $50, and the Standard limit will start at $1 and go up to $500.
  • Minimum Inside and Outside Bet Limits: The minimum table limit is the same for the inside and outside bets. Like, if the table limit is just $14, and each chip is worth $2. So, the player needs to bet at least 7 chips on every bet to follow the minimum table requirement. If the player is eyeing on the red or black, he has to bet with different chips. The player can go for the inside bets, outside bets, or both bets.
  • Maximum Inside and Outside Bet Limits: The casinos may set up the inside and outside bet limits for the tables to render the ultimate gaming experience. The maximum inside bet can be $150, which means the player can place the low Straight-up bet of $150, a split bet of $300, and the corner bet of $600. The outside bets will vary from $1,000 to $10,000. The limit will apply for all the single outside bets made.
  • Odd/Even Bets: You can select a random odd or even number marked ‘odd’ or ‘even’ in a roulette game. The players will not get 50/50 odds of winning as the wheel is marked with 0 or 00.
  • Red/Black Bets: The bets are marked as ‘red’ or ‘black’. It is an ‘even money bet’ that is 1:1, but the ‘00’ on the wheel that can be red or black makes the odds of winning less than 50/50. The high limit players need to possess a strategy to play this type of table limit.

Types of Roulette Variants You Can Play for Higher Limits

  • European Roulette

This is a high limit online roulette found in land-based casinos. The American and European Roulettes are played similarly, but the European Roulette wheel has a single zero, and the American Roulette has a double zero. Moreover, the European Roulette has better odds as compared to other forms of Roulette games. 

It also has numbers 1 to 36, but players can put a high stake without any hassle. The beginners can go ahead with the low stakes too. You can play European Roulette at any famous casinos like the Las Atlantis Casino where you get a great welcome bonus amount.

  • American Roulette

The American Roulette is simple compared to French and European Roulette games. In this type of roulette game, either the player has won the game or lost it. There is nothing like getting the wager back. The additional green compartment has a double zero, which you will not find on other roulette wheels. While playing this roulette game, keep in mind that different casinos have different rules, so before betting higher, like $5,000 per spin, keep checking on the particular strategies. You can play this roulette game for higher and lower stakes.

  • French Roulette

The French Roulette game can be found in online casinos but rarely in the land-based casinos because of the lower house edge. It is not as prevalent as its European and American Roulette counterparts, whose house edge and winning odds are quite better. This game is said to be invented in the 17th century and is mostly played in France.

The French Roulette is the same as the European Roulette wheel, consisting of 0 compartments and 1 to 36 number compartments. This lowers the house edge, too that makes casinos not offer this game. But, this roulette game has versions like En Prison Rules and La Partage applied when the ball lands on ‘zero.’ 

These rules affect the real money players who have placed their bets on odd/even and red/black. Therefore, most land-based casinos do not offer French Roulette game, but you can find the French roulette high limit game in the offline and online casinos. This is because the casinos feel that a lower house edge will not bring the profits, but higher stakes can help them clinch the betting amount.

So, you can play all these types of roulette games at the reputed casinos that provide high limit stakes for the players. This means the bigger the bets, the bigger the wins if you are lucky.


What offers or perks are offered to the high stake Roulette players at Las Atlantis Casino?

The players get all types of offers given to other slot game players or video poker players. On the other hand, the high limit roller players are treated like VIP players, and they are offered a good amount on the winnings. So, if you want to wager high limits, then it is necessary to ask the customer support of a particular casino where you tend to play.

What is the highest betting limit for the Roulette game?

The highest betting limit can go up to $10,000 and above, as, in many casinos, the limit can go to $500,000. Most VIP roller casinos offer $5,000 a spin on the roulette games, especially the European Roulette that offers high stakes to the players. 

Can I play high limit roulette on my mobile device?

The live dealer games can be played from tablets or mobile devices with modern software and high-speed internet. A few high limit roulette gaming casinos let the players play the roulette game on their PC, mobile device, and tablet.

Is it secure to play high stakes roulette games at Las Atlantis Casino?

Yes, it is secure to play high stakes roulette games, as it is safe to play low stake roulette games. The encryption technology used by Las Atlantis Casino gives you a chance to safely play various roulette games, especially American, French, and European. You can bet according to the betting limits of the casino games. 

Final Verdict

With high limit roulette games offered in various online and brick-and-mortar casinos, the players can choose the roulette type according to their liking. You must choose reputable casinos like Las Atlantis Casino that offers remarkable welcome bonuses and VIP offers to the casino players. This will help you bet more and win more while risking your money on this half-strategic and half-luck-based game. However, the maximum inside and outside bets will vary based on the casino you are putting your stake. So, before opting for any casino, it is better to read their terms and conditions and talk to the customer support system.