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High Stakes Blackjack

The players play high limit Blackjack to win big. They feel that by betting big, they can earn a good amount of profit. However, you need to play this card game smartly to earn a bigger profit. This fascinating card game lures the players to play this table game, but the pros can make it big by applying different game strategies. The only thing worth noting here is that you can only bet a few thousand dollars in Blackjack compared to a high limit Roulette game where you can play with millions in bet.

What Is High Stakes Blackjack?

The high-stakes Blackjack is not like your regular Blackjack game with a particular limit, but this card game involves betting high stakes in some casinos, whether offline or online. One great thing about the high limit Blackjack game is that it offers excitement and profits if played at a reputable casino like Las Atlantis Casino.

So, the player who is abreast with the game knows its benefits and plays with the high Blackjack bets to win more money. The casino credit for these players stretches beyond six digits. Moreover, the casinos online or offline entertain these kinds of pro or ‘whales’ because they are courageous and the house edge won on these players is also quite high. The RTP or Return to Players and the payout percentage in this game is over 99%. But, the high limit Blackjack game is for serious players. 

However, a question may come into your mind as to why a few punters play high bets at Blackjack. Read on to get the answer.

Why Do Players Play High Limit Blackjack?

  1. Win a Good Amount of Money: Players play a high limit Blackjack game to win a large amount of money. If you are playing with higher bets, you can expect life-changing payouts and bonus amounts too. You can play high stakes Blackjack at a reputed casino like Las Atlantis Casino that offers a VIP roller amount.
  2. Aim is to Hit 21: The high stakes Blackjack strategy involves hitting 21 or getting the cards close to 21. When you are playing with fair play casinos, you will know that the game was played honestly. You can bet at high stakes in the live dealer games.
  3. Get More Benefits: Players who are playing any variant of Blackjack with high stakes are invited by the casino to join the VIP club. Here, they can get comp points, faster deposits and payouts, a dedicated operator, promotional offers, event and show tickets, better bonuses, and much more.
  4. Possess Large Bankrolls: Players who want to earn jackpot amounts should opt for playing with high stakes. They also should have large bankrolls and do not worry about small or medium wins or losses. These players eye the no-limit tables and higher payouts.

High Limit Blackjack Games

Many high stakes online Blackjack games are opted for by the players who want to experience high limit options. Out of these games, Rival Blackjack is the most popular game provided by the popular casino gaming provider. Rival games are high limit games offered by the best high limit Blackjack casino as Las Atlantis. Players can play with high bet limits here. In the Rival Blackjack game, the hand will reshuffle after every bet.

For great wins, the Rival game uses four decks for their house advantage. Although these decks are not disclosed, these are the number of decks used in the Rival Blackjack game. The versions you can get here are:

  • Standard Blackjack game where the players will play more than two hands at the same time. You can double down any of the two cards, split the pairs other than the aces in a total of 3 hands, double down after any of the splits, and place one card only on aces.
  • European Blackjack where the players will play first and the dealer will take away the natural Blackjack card. However, the dealer will not know about the card until every player has acted.

Strategies of Playing High Stake Blackjack Games

‘Hard Hands’ Strategy

This strategy helps you play high table limit Blackjack when you have two cards and no ace. Like, if you have 8 or fewer cards, then always hit. If you have 10 cards, double them if your dealer has, or otherwise, you can hit them. If you have 13-16 cards, stand if your dealer has 2-6 cards, neither hit. 

‘Pairs’ Blackjack Strategy

Here, the players may possess pairs in their first 2 cards. This condition appears if a dealer is playing with the decks. You can certainly see some winning situations too. Like, if you possess a pair of aces or the eights, use the splitting strategy. If you have 2 or 3 pairs, split it if your dealer possesses cards between 2 and 7, neither hit. Moreover, if you have 5 pairs, you can double it if your dealer possesses 2 to 9 cards or hit. In case you have a pair of 10s cards, always ‘stand.’

Soft Hands Strategy

This strategy is the opposite of the Hard Hands strategy and tells how the player should deal if the starting hand contains an ‘ace’. Here, if you Ace 2 or Ace 3, double if your dealer has 5 or 6 cards, neither hit. Like, if you have Ace 6, double if your dealer has 3-6 cards, or otherwise, you can hit. In the case of Ace 8 or Ace 9, always make a stand. This strategy can be similar to basic strategy, but the high stake players memorize all these rules.

How to Successfully Play High Stake Blackjack?

  • You should play a high-stakes Blackjack game with favorable rules for the players with the ‘lower house edge’ feature offered. Like, pick a game played with one or two decks.
  • Never make the ‘insurance bets’, as they can increase the house advantage.
  • You can use the advanced Blackjack strategy to reduce the house edge from 5% to 0.5%.
  • It is advisable not to use the progressive betting system. This system works well with the High Limit Roulette game but hampers High Stake Blackjack players’ progress.
  • Use the card counting technique that increases profits in this game and minimize your losses. Here, the counter will count the already ‘dealt cards’ from 2 to 6 numbers as +1, from 7 to 9 numbers like 0 and 10, and the Jack, King, Queen, and Ace will be counted as -1. However, this tip is not valid for the online high limit Blackjack game.


Can I play a high limit Blackjack game on a mobile device?

Yes, you can play a high limit online Blackjack game anytime and from anywhere. It is widely available for mobile and tablet devices along with the PC at Las Atlantis Casino.

What is the RTP of a high limit Blackjack game?

The RTP of the Blackjack game reaches up to 99.87% in the online and live dealer table games.

What is included in the basic Blackjack strategy in a high limit game?

To win in the high limit Blackjack game, it is necessary to follow a basic Blackjack game strategy that mainly involves Stand, Hit, Split, Double, and Surrender. You should learn how to use all these terms in the high limit Blackjack strategy to win a good amount in the game.

How much can I bet per hand in a High Stake Blackjack game?

You can bet $250 per hand in the high stakes Blackjack game.

Final Verdict

High Stakes Blackjack games may not let you bet with half a million, but this card game is quite intimidating as the players with smart strategy can win the jackpot amount. Most players can access the casino’s VIP high limit players club with many events and perks associated with the high stake games. 

Moreover, a high stakes Blackjack game is thrilling and exciting as the winnings increase with every right strategy, and you can have the edge over the dealer. Therefore, players need to keep the provided tips and strategies in mind while playing the high stakes Blackjack game at Las Atlantis Online Casino - a reputed and honest casino that offers fair gameplay and fast payment options.