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Terms: $14000 is a combined bonus for the 5 deposits of the maximum amount ($1000). The minimum deposit is $10 for Neosurf, $20 for BTC, $20 for LTC, $20 for ETH, $20 for Flexepin, $30 for Credit Card. The code is valid five times on the first 5 deposits upon sign up. The maximum bet allowed is $10, maximum payout x30 the deposit amount. The Wagering Requirements for the offer are 35x(Bonus+Deposit). The games included: Slots, Real-Series Video Slots, Keno, Scratch Cards, Board games.

Real Money Online Casino

Real money online casino sites and games have come a long way. The gambling industry has grown over the years to include many casinos that allow a gambler to play a wide range of games online for just fun or real money. Some of these casinos offer lucrative bonuses to players in the form of cash and free spins. That means you can practice playing some of the games featured at these casinos without spending money. 

The most entertaining aspect of playing at online casinos is that you can enjoy side bets, bonus rounds, and the gaming action without spending a cent. You may not find free live dealer games at online casinos. However, you can watch live dealer games online and learn how they work. You will also find the demo versions of most games at online casinos. Practicing with these versions will enable you to familiarize yourself with the gameplay of these games before you start playing for real money. 

What’s more, real money casino games are available to players in different countries and states. They are also available in mobile versions that require players to download native casino apps or use compatible browsers. That means you can play video poker, online video slots, and table games on the go. You just need a compatible mobile device and a stable Internet connection to play your favorite casino games without visiting a land-based casino. All you need is to visit a reputable online casino that features your favorite games. 

Best Games to Win Real Money

If looking for online casino games that you can play for real money, you will be overwhelmed by the many options that you can choose from. A licensed casino like Las Atlantis features a wide range of games that you can play on the go and win real money. Thus, you can stay at home and still play casino games that payout real cash. And, you can play some of these games without depositing your hard-earned money. 

Nevertheless, you should read the terms and conditions of the casino and the available free games. Also, check the requirements that you have to meet before you withdraw your payout. Here are some of the best games that you can play online and win real money. 


If looking for a chance to play online casino for real money, try slot machines. Slot machines come with the biggest payout for any player that loves to bet online. The major jackpot for most slot games can go up very high. The payout for a progressive slot can even be more generous and lucrative. But, the winning odds for slots that pay off are generally small. What’s more, the house edge for most slot machines can be absurdly high. 

To play for real money at online casino and go home a winner, start with the boring games first. These are games that come with a single pay line and three reels. Also, look for games that come with a flat-top jackpot. But, if determined to win a jackpot that can change your life, go for games with progressive jackpots. However, be prepared to lose a significant amount of money. That’s because you might not hit the jackpot. 

Las Atlantis features a wide range of slots that you can play online and win real money. We feature a large selection of online slots, including the latest games. And, you can play most of these slots on your mobile device and win real money. If looking for a place where you can play your favorite slot game and win real money, search no more. Sign up for a free account and start playing your favorite slot games to win real cash today.


Blackjack is also among the top real money online casino games. That’s because the house edges of this game are among the lowest. House edge refers to the percentage of every bet that a casino keeps over many bets. The long-term expectations of a player are worse when a game has a higher house edge. 

Nevertheless, some blackjack games come with amazing rules. These can be played with a basic strategy, and the house edge can be less than 0.3%. This is the lowest house edge for most casinos. Some blackjack games may not have favorable conditions. However, their odds are usually better than those of the other casino games. Some blackjack games come with a house edge of up to 1%. That’s why you should be keen to check the house edge before you start playing. 

One thing that makes blackjack one of the best games to play online for real money is that a smart, talented player gets an edge. Essentially, counting your cards is a great gambling technique that gamers use in blackjack. However, you can get an edge over a house in other ways. All you have to do is research this game before you start playing. You will find this game amazing once you learn about it and start playing at Las Atlantis Casino. 

Video Poker

Video poker is one of the online casino games for real money that reward skilled players. Some people say that video poker resembles slot machines. However, this game offers players better winning odds. Every player is interested in getting the best winning odds when it comes to online gambling. That’s why video poker is among the best casino games to play online. 

However, video poker might not be a favorite game for social gamblers. That’s because it does not allow them to interact with other players. Additionally, this game may not be available for a low roller or a high roller because it’s not available in their preferred denominations. For instance, low-end video poker can cost $1.25 per hand. High-end video poker can top out at a cost lower than what whales look for. 

Nevertheless, video poker is among the best casino games that let you win real money. You just need to be attentive to everything you do when playing this game. Video poker is not based on luck. Skills matter when playing this game. But, it’s a transparent game with good odds. 

When playing real online casino video poker, remember that this game employs a random number generator. This generator duplicates the odds that a player sees when playing on with a real card deck. As such, the odds of getting a card to fill a straight when you want an ace can be calculated. The deck comes with 4 aces. 

You can also calculate the payback percentage when playing video poker. You just multiply the odds of getting every hand by that hand’s payout. The payback percentage of great video poker games such as the full-pay Jacks or Better is more than 99%. However, you need a good strategy to win video poker. 

When compared to slot games, the best video poker has better pay tables. Even some of the worst games, such as the ones found at airports, come with a payback percentage that’s higher than 94%. 

Nevertheless, you should learn the best video poker strategy to get better odds. Using the right strategy will give you control over your destiny, even if turning the odds to your favor might be impossible. But, the right strategy will enable you to get more time to gamble with your money. 


Roulette is another game that gives you a chance to win real money at online casino. The thrill that this game provides real money players is one of the reasons why it’s among the best options. You can also play roulette on your computer, smartphone, or tablet on the go as long as you have a stable Internet connection. People are playing roulette on buses, at their offices, in the libraries, and even at home. 

Las Atlantis Casino is among the best places to play roulette for real money. If you’re a social player, you will enjoy playing roulette online. That’s because there are many people involved when playing roulette. 

With a bet of between $1 and $1000, you get a chance to play online roulette at your preferred stake levels. But, to determine the most appropriate stake levels for you, consider your bankroll. It’s important to avoid bringing over 25% of the money you deposit at a casino to the table. The best roulette strategy is to limit bets to 10%. Thus, if you have $200 in your bankroll, bring $50 only to the table. And because you should bet 10% of the in-play money with every bet, limit the amount to $5 only. 

The major reason to use this strategy is that playing this game at an online casino with real money comes with some risks. You can lose the money that you bet at any time. Although no player wants to lose, even gamblers with vast experience are prepared to lose their money. Some players even find themselves on a losing streak. By limiting the amount that you bet a time, you get a chance to play longer without depleting your bankroll. And, if you win some spins, your bankroll will provide more winning chances and entertainment. 


Craps is also among popular real casino games. However, this game has a little complex gameplay. That’s why most people find craps challenging when starting. Nevertheless, the gameplay of this game is simply about shooting dice with the hope of getting certain numbers. Once you learn how to play craps, you will find it quite entertaining. 

Craps uses 2 dice only. The game allows for one shooter at a go. The goal of the shooter is to roll an 11 or a 7 on the come-out roll. At the same time, the shooter avoids rolling a 2, a 3, or a 12. Rolling other numbers set a point. This changes the goal because the shooter now focuses on rolling the point before they roll a 7. Betting on whether the shooter fails or succeeds is the simplest craps table bet. It’s known as a pass/don’t pass bet. However, there is a come/don’t come option for the subsequent bets. With this option, the subsequent rolls are treated as new come-out rolls. 

However, this game offers a casino bet that has a 0 house edge, known as the odds bet. After setting the point, a player can place their additional bet after their original pass/don’t pass bet. The additional bet is multiple the original bet. The casino pre-determines the maximum amount that a player can bet on this option. 

Because the payout for this bet is at the actual odds of being won, it has a house edge of 0%. Consequently, the player’s risk is hedged dramatically. If a casino allows you to place more money on your odds bet, it gives you better odds. 

You can also avoid bets with a higher house edge. Simply stick to simple bets and avoid complicated bets. Sticking to pass/don’t pass, odds, and come/don’t come bets means you will face a house edge of about 1% or even less. This makes this game look similar to blackjack. However, you may not have any strategy when playing craps. 

The best strategy for playing craps is avoiding bets with the highest house edge. Instead, focus on bets that have the lowest house edge. 

Most social players love craps because people are always yelling and jumping up and down. Craps are also some of the best gambling games for real money that you can play online. Las Atlantis Casino is a licensed platform where you can play craps and win real money. Sign up for an account with the casino to start having fun while playing craps.


Baccarat is among the favorite games for most online gamblers. It has also been the favorite game for most high rollers. The low house edge is one of the reasons why it’s preferred by most gamblers. Baccarat is generally a guessing game. The player and the dealer get a hand when playing baccarat. The score is determined via an elaborate process. The card values are simply added together while the first digit is ignored. 

When playing baccarat, a player doesn’t make decisions. That’s because this game is not the same as blackjack. Since stakes are available, baccarat is the best choice for high rollers. Additionally, players that do not want something fast-paced find baccarat interesting. This leisurely game also offers significant elegance. 

If you do not want to learn any strategy before you start playing, baccarat might be the ideal option for you. You will also find it amazing if not interested in getting an edge over the gaming platform. When compared to craps, baccarat is not that streaky. However, you can go on a winning streak though you won’t undergo a lot of trouble. 

Las Atlantis is a great place to play baccarat for real money. We feature fun and fast-paced baccarat games that come with a low house edge. You can thus end up with great payouts on your winning bets when playing baccarat at Las Atlantis Casino. Our baccarat games feature lucrative bonuses and exciting betting options. Sign up for a free account to start playing baccarat games online today. 


Keno is another option to consider when you want to play casino games for real money. Keno is a lottery game. It’s about picking numbers and waiting for a casino to draw numbers in a series. Keno payout depends on the numbers that a player guesses correctly. 

Typically, keno games comprise a keno card, a few buttons, and a paytable. You might find keno games that are slightly different online. However, these are the basic elements of keno games. 

A keno card is a large grid comprising numbers. This resembles a lottery ticket that has numbers ranging from 1 to 80. Typical keno games that you will find online come with 8 rows, with each having ten numbers. 

The paytable shows the payout for the numbers that a player guesses right. A player is not necessarily paid for hitting many numbers. The payout is a percentage of the numbers that a player hits high. For instance, a player can get a payout of 1,800x the bet for catching 6 of 6 chosen numbers. However, catching 6 of 14 selected numbers may net a player 2x the bet only. 

The quick pick is another feature of keno games. Instead of choosing the numbers, a player can opt to use the quick pick button. This allows the system to select the numbers on behalf of the players. This is similar to the quick pick feature that you will find in some state lotteries. 

Keno is one of the casino games that pay real money, yet they are very easy to play. You can play keno while sitting on a sofa at home, at work, or waiting somewhere in a queue. The frill-free rules of keno make it an exciting and fun casino game that can be played online at any time. It’s a game of chance that resembles ordinary lottery games in many aspects.

The keno machine draws numbers randomly with a mere selection of numbers. After selecting the numbers, a player waits for their options to pop up. The rules are easy and simple to follow when playing keno. Keno has a house edge of between 25% and 40%. However, this depends on the casino. 

The large payouts and enormous jackpots have incited the increasing popularity of keno games both in online and land-based casinos. Although no proven keno strategy can guarantee you a win, you can follow certain tips to maximize your winning chances. 

For instance, you can start with free keno versions before you start playing the online casino games that pay real money to players that gamble with their hard-earned money. You can also choose a casino like Las Atlantis that gives you a welcome bonus on your first five deposits. Also, avoid selecting many numbers at a go or sticking to the same choices all the time. You should also place bets wisely, use the multi-race cards, consider your odds, and manage your casino bankroll properly. 

Sign up at Las Atlantis Casino to start playing keno games online today. We bring you the most exciting keno games that you can comfortably play at any time and from any location. All you need is a compatible device and a stable Internet connection to play keno games online at the casino. 

Most experienced gamblers who play casino games win real money. However, you need to choose the games to play online wisely. That’s because not every game is ideal for every player. The choice of the game to play at an online casino is largely personal. Your goal for gambling online is unique. Therefore, choose games that enable you to accomplish that goal. 

Nevertheless, choose games with a favorable house edge and a casino that gives you lucrative bonuses. Also, consider the wins that you can withdraw at a casino, as well as the accepted payment methods. Essentially, there are many factors to consider when selecting the casino game to play online. Study every game carefully if you’re a new player to know how it works. 

Additionally, practice with the demo version to familiarize yourself with the game before you start gambling with your hard-earned money. That way, you will lower the chances of losing a significant amount of money. It’s also crucial that you implement a winning strategy from a site or gambler that’s considered an authority when it comes to playing your preferred game. 

Different Types of Online Casino Bonuses

Among the things that most players consider when looking for the best online casino for real money are the bonuses. At Las Atlantis Casino, we offer you some of the best bonuses. The goal of online casino bonuses is to give players a chance to play more with their money. Both experienced and new players frequent a casino because of the bonuses and promotions that it offers. Here are some of the online casino bonuses on offer. 

Welcome Bonus

This is a very common bonus that is offered by almost every real cash online casino. It’s offered upon signing up at a casino for the first time. With this bonus, a player is required to deposit a specific amount of money. It’s only after depositing this amount that a player can be awarded this bonus.

At Las Atlantis online casino that pay real money, a player gets a welcome bonus of 280% slots match after depositing the first five amounts. Players should check the specified wagering requirement and the maximum amount that they can cash out. Additionally, the welcome bonus may be used on all slots. 

Game of the Month and Free Spins

Some casinos that provide online gambling for real money feature games that reward players with free spins. Free spins are also called bonus spins, cash spins, welcome spins, extra spins, and wager-free spins. However, you can get free spins with wagering requirements. That means you will be required to play your bonus several times before withdrawing the money. Therefore, check whether a casino rewards you with free spins, or you will have to meet certain requirements first. Additionally, check out the cashout limit too. 

At Las Atlantis, the game of the month offers lucrative bonus terms monthly. Apart from the slots match, free spins are awarded on a new game as well, so stay tuned for the updates not to miss the opportunity to try your luck on your favorite slot game and enjoy online gambling with real money.

Special Bonus

This promotion offered at Las Atlantis entails up to a 165% bonus for slots. If you make the lowest casino deposit of $10 via Neosurf, $20 via BTC, $30 via CC, you will get a 120% slots bonus. The higher the deposit, the better the bonus terms. This offer is valid on the first five deposits upon sign up.

Tips & Tricks to Use While Playing Real Money Casino Games

Once you decide to start playing Internet casino games for real money, learn the tips and tricks that will help you emerge victoriously. Knowing the rules of your favorite game is not enough. You need tips and tricks that veteran gamblers have always used to win big when playing at online casinos. Here are some of the best tips and tricks that you can use when playing at a real money casino. 

  • Choose games that have a low house edge: Look for games whose house edge is the lowest. House edge refers to the amount that you will be paid by a casino relative to what would be paid by the true odds. 
  • Avoid chasing losses: It’s easy to end up in a downward spiral when playing at an online casino to win real money. When this happens, don’t lose control and continue trying to get back what you have lost with bigger wagers. Do not place high-risk bets hoping to win, especially if a game has a poor house edge. Instead, know when to go home whether you’re winning or losing. 
  • Claim your bonuses: Always claim your casino bonuses when playing at an online casino. Bonuses allow you to play longer without spending your money. Therefore, remember to claim your bonus to keep playing and increase your chances of winning big. 
  • Learn winning strategies for different games: Before you start playing any game at an online casino, take the time to study it. Know how the game works and the best winning strategy that you can implement. Remember that not every game requires a strategy. For instance, games that use a random number generator do not have a pattern that can be followed to win. However, you can use a strategy to manage your bankroll and gamble online for real money longer. 
  • Choose your casino wisely: Choose a fair and licensed casino like Las Atlantis to ensure your safety when gambling. Most people want to enjoy safe real money online casino gaming. This can only be possible if you take the time to study a casino before you sign up. Find out if the casino adheres to the rules of the relevant authorities that regulate gambling activities in its jurisdiction. That’s the only way to ensure your safety when gambling online. 

Why Play at Las Atlantis

Las Atlantis is a relatively new online casino for real money. This casino gives you a chance to play different games online for real money. Here are some of the major reasons to play at Las Atlantis. 

  • Play table games and slots from anywhere - Once you sign up for an account with this casino, you can play a wide range of table games and slot games from any location. 
  • Large selection of games - Las Atlantis partners with the best game providers - RealTime Gaming and Visionary iGaming. This enables the casino to provide many high-end games to players. 
  • Demo game versions - You can use the demo versions of different games at Las Atlantis Casino before you start playing. 
  • Safety and security - The casino is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission and ensures data and transaction safety using 256-Bit SSL encryption technology. Therefore, rest assured in the security of the gameplay and enjoy the process. 

In addition to these reasons, this casino gives players a chance to choose stakes that suit their budgets. It also features live casino games that a gambler can comfortably play against the dealer. 


What is real money online gambling?

Real money online gambling entails risking your money to win when playing casino games on the Internet. It means you bet your hard-earned money hoping to win on your selected games. 

Can I play at a mobile casino for real money?

Yes. You can play your favorite game at a mobile casino and win real money. You can try your luck at Las Atlantis mobile casino, sign up, and start playing and winning real cash. 

How do I sign up at an online casino?

Simply follow the registration process that is provided at the casino. You just fill out a form to provide the requested information to start playing for real money. 

Are online casinos for real money safe?

Not all online casinos are safe. That’s why you should choose a licensed and regulated casino like Las Atlantis to ensure the safety of your information and money.